Drew with his family and a homemade, not-yet-baked blueberry pie.

About Drew

Above all else, Drew is a devoted husband and father to the amazing and inspirational Andrea, Dashiell, and Sasha. Drew's family keeps him happy, honest and on his toes. He'd have it no other way.


But he's also an award-winning filmmaker and writer of movies, TV shows and children's content. Drew recently released his first interactive children's series, Josie Robin, Science Fiend. Drew's debut feature-length movie, Raw Footage, which he wrote and directed, can be found on Netflix, and his first children's book, A Fungus Among Us, an enhanced, interactive eBook, is available in the iBooks store. Drew is developing several TV projects for children and adults in addition to various new media projects. Brooklyn-bred, Cornell University-educated, always thinking about his next meal, Drew is committed to creating projects that mean things to people.